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Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

I like the concept of this game. Take it to a popular fighting games and combine them into one. The popular Street Fighter characters can battle against the ever popular Marvel superheroes. What a great idea to into two popular niches to make one great fighting game. I have to admit I was excited for this game because I was a real fan of the Street Fighter video game series and I was a big comic book fan. Even though I am a bigger fan of the DC comics than I am of Marvel I was still excited for this game. I could use my Street Fighter skills to beat up on the Marvel comic characters I didn’t like. Yes I know, I am a super huge comic book nerd.

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Street Fighter II

I was so excited when this game came to the home console system, because I was spending so much money playing in the video arcade. This game really defined the success of the traditional fighter game. Everyone loved it because you could select the fire that you enjoyed more and thought with his unique moves and skills. You could really define yourself by selecting a fighter that you believe that the attributes that you’d like if you had them. Not only was this game entertaining to play, but it was just as entertaining to watch two other people battle to the death.

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