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Spy Hunter

As the James Bond fanatic that I am there is no doubt that this game wasn’t the best. You got to sit in a massive driving control booth that was all set up just like 007’s very own Aston Martin just like in Goldfinger. Well, that’s what you’re dreaming anyway. You had a button for oil slick, smokescreen, and you always got to drive up into the back of your top secret truck. There even was that nasty little card that had spikes coming out of the wheels that sent your vehicle spinning to a wreck on the side of the road. You just set back, chose your path, and entered the superspy world. The music got your blood pumping and when you finish your game and exited the booth no matter how well you did you were the man. You might as well had on a tuxedo and sipped on a┬ámartini.

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