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Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA Playoffs

This sports game once in must have for all you old-school NBA fans! Has an old-school NBA fan myself, I could not resist dunking on people with my man Charles Barkley. Playing with Michael Jordan was fun too. This was the only good game I remember with the Larry Bird in it. I am sure I am wrong however this is the one I remember. Though I did not like Magic Johnson that much he was a phenomenal player to play in this game. He was next to unstoppable and that used to drive me crazy! I think we can all agree though we don’t have to like something in a videogame to admit it is good.


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I waited in line a long time to get this game. The day got out I was that the video game store purchasing it. This game kept track of your game stats and who your MVP was for that game. I really felt this game catered to the individual players playing the game. Each player has their own playing and dunking style. Sports games really took a positive turn around this time. I’m positive I missed a lot of important things just playing game. But I guess what I missed wasn’t as important as going to the hoop with my favorite player. :o)

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