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Major League Baseball 2K5

If you like baseball, you will love this game. What is really neat about this game is the stats. This game gives you loads of stats that help you throughout the game. Talk about giving the player control, you can even control the way you slide in this game! This baseball game really goes above and beyond what any true baseball fan l would want. The camera angles in this game are fantastic too. You really get a ton of different perspectives and the camera angles. It is justĀ as exciting as watching a game on TV.

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MLB 2005

MLB 2005 is nothing new to the evolution of baseball games. There is one thing that sets it aside from any other baseball games though. This game had a really unique technology. They call it their EyeToy technology which allows you to put your face on one of the players. This was really fun and cool because you literally could put yourself in the middle of the game. It was just really really cool to see yourself on the field with someone like Jeeter.

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