I think this is a perfect lazy man’s video game. What more could you ask for than a game that you normally spend more time sitting in front of while actually playing. Yet simple, you could still have all your buddies over for a quick game and still have a great bowling banter. Plus, you can […]

Billiards 2

This game took the game of pool to a whole new level. Just when you thought that there isn’t much that can be done in a videogame to the game of pool this game does it. Great graphics, great angles, and realistic gameplay. For any billiards allow for this game is a must have. You have […]

Air Hockey

I was really interested to see if this game would translate well into the videogame world. My best friend and I used to spend hours on air hockey tables having a massive amount of fun. Believe it or not it translated well, granted it was nothing like playing real air hockey, but they did a […]

Golden Axe

This popular medieval style of game kept me entertained for quite a while. Choose from a cast of characters to fight skeletons and dragons. At some parts you even got to hitch a ride on a fictitious medieval animal. Use your strength, weaponry, and skill of magic to vanish your firebreathing enemies and save the […]


I don’t remember much about this game, but I do remember it became insanely popular. What I do remember is you have to help them not let them walk off cliffs, wander mindlessly into flames and drop like rocks into pools of water. You need to help them dig, build and blast their way to […]

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

I just had to put this game on the list because Michael Jackson as a videogame! Based on his Smooth Criminal video Michael dressed as a gangster goes around fighting crime. If I remember correctly, this game was so ridiculous that even had his pet chimpanzee and it. I never thought videogame developers would ever […]

Madden NFL 94

Now it’s time to play some football! The Madden series of games really began its metamorphosis with this game. I can’t even count how many times I sat in front of the TV with my friends playing Madden 94. It had everything, player stats, MVPs, great play selection, and individual player characteristics. For any football […]


I waited in line a long time to get this game. The day got out I was that the video game store purchasing it. This game kept track of your game stats and who your MVP was for that game. I really felt this game catered to the individual players playing the game. Each player […]

NHL Hockey

Finally a great hockey game for the home systems. You could play as any year your favorite hockey teams against your least favorite hockey team and beat them to a pulp. What was great about this game is that it included a fighting feature! I know this may be dating myself but at one time […]


Magneto has devised a computer program with one sole purpose, to destroy the X-Men. The X-Men must go to magneto site out on Asteroid M to stop a diabolical plan. The X-Men must team together and use all of the special powers to try to stop Magneto. All of the X-Men are in this game […]


Based on the successful movie Robocop was a crowd pleaser. A classic shoot them up game allowed you to use all the features that came with being a cybernetic humanoid. You walk through the streets of Old Detroit while using the massive amount of weapons that Robocop would acquire on his journey. There wasn’t much […]

RC Pro Am

As someone who used to own and love radio controled cars this game was one I couldn’t wait for. My friend and I used to spend hours battling against one another for supremacy on the racetrack. Based on how many wins you that you could upgrade your car and buy parts for it. We had […]


The concept of this game was so simple yet so much fun. By far, this is one of my most favorite games ever. Maybe because when it came out I was a paperboy and the trials and tribulations of being a paperboy were depicted in this game so well. You wrote on your bike throwing […]


If you loved boardgames this is the game for you. Who doesn’t love the game Monopoly. I love this game so much because I don’t have to fumble around with this stupid paper fake bills and do a lot of math. I was always the race car. This game is pretty simple and didn’t need […]

Metal Gear

As a special member of the elite unit “Fox Hound” all of your skills are called into play. You are trained in every weapon known to man as well as end and combat. You must discreetly rescue some hostages without the alarm being sounded. You must also maintain radio contact with headquarters so you can […]

lode runner

An evil empire has stolen a huge amount of gold and the rightful owners hire you to get it back. Your job is to infiltrate the treasury and steal the gold to return it to its owners. You must navigate through multiple levels of platforms, ladders, and a ropes to accomplish your mission. Be careful […]

Kid Icarus

As Kid Icarus, your mission is to find the treasures, destroy Medusa and rescue Palutena from the depths of the Palace in the Sky. Find treasures and weapons inside palaces of the evil Medusa to do what ever you can to rescue your favorite princess. Use your trusty bow and arrow to fend off Medusa’s evil […]


This classic arcade game comes home. Guantlet brings with it all the characters, dungeons, traps, treasures, and excitement you are used to from one of the most successful video arcade games around. Your attention span never gets let down with this classic medieval game. Though the graphics are a little weak the gameplay makes up […]


Strap on your helmet and your pads and get ready to go dirt biking. Roll through the dirt on your motorcycle and do tricks to impress your viewers. One of the things I particularly like about this game was to design your own tracks feature. Set your mogul’s, ramps, and jumps to impress the crowd […]


As a special forces soldier you must take on a Red Falcon in the Amazon jungle. Your enemy has converted ancient Mayan temples into palaces of destruction. Run through the jungle and infiltrate the temples to save our world from complete and total annihilation. Dodge lasers and put yourself into 3-D mazes to entertain yourself […]


If you weren’t playing Castlevania on your NES you really were playing the games that much. This game good solid jumping and shoot ’em up game there was made. It’s Transylvania theme, where the perfect backdrop for this game. Battling all the traditional big-time monster flick villains you travel through the castle jumping and tumbling […]