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Toobin’ is one of those classic games that didn’t get all of the attention it really deserved. A clever concept, you were on an inner tube floating down river trying not to pop your tube on various obstacles while racing an opponent to the finish. Collecting the letters to spell Toobin’ for a bonus was a great ongoing challenge. When something got in your way you chucked a soda can at it (which happened to be floating around randomly in the river). The graphics were the classic pixel look (like Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Burger Time, and all of those other games I used to love as a kid) but it was just so much fun to splash to the finish, even in the dead of winter!

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Sam & Max Hit the Road

Sam & Max hit the road is a lesser-known adventure game released by LucasArts. This 2D adventure game follows rabbit Sam and his pal Max the dog (who oddly resembles McGruff the “Take a bite out of crime!” crime dog). The characters make their way through a cartoon world solving puzzles, collecting items, and interating with other characters and environments. The game was actually based on a 1989 comic book. I wonder if anyone actually read it?

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The game designers really thought about this long and made it. Based on the popular version of X-Wing. You finally get to be a part of the Federation. They finally figured out that there is a huge group of people that want to be part of the bad guys. You have an option of flying the different types of craft that the Federation has in their arsenal. You can fly and the infamous Tie-Fighter, Tie-Fighter, or Darth Vader’s own Tie-Interceptor. Somehow they figure out how to make the Federation’s craft faster and more versatile. A big thumbs up for this game.

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This by far is the ultimate flight simulator. I am a huge Star Wars fan so this game was the ultimate. The designers put a lot of thought into it. You’ve got to worry about your shields, targeting, and which weapons you want to destroy the enemy with. I can’t count how many times I sat there and thought I was really part of the rebel alliance. You can sit there and pretend you are Luke Skywalker and pretend you’re taking on the Federation.

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Major League Baseball 2K5

If you like baseball, you will love this game. What is really neat about this game is the stats. This game gives you loads of stats that help you throughout the game. Talk about giving the player control, you can even control the way you slide in this game! This baseball game really goes above and beyond what any true baseball fan l would want. The camera angles in this game are fantastic too. You really get a ton of different perspectives and the camera angles. It is just as exciting as watching a game on TV.

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Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer

Search the globe for the ultimate way. Kelly Slater’s Pro Surfer is all about hanging 10 in busting the ultimate tricks on the waves around the world. Very similar to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. This game takes a surfing twist to it. Learn to do all the awesome moves that a pro surfer would do. What I find really fun about this game is learning all the tricks and executing them with great combinations.


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Justice League Heroes

Take control of your favorite comic book superheroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Man Hunter, and many more of your favorite in this action adventure videogame. You choose your hero and his/her unique abilities to help save the universe. With an interesting one on two cooperative player combat mode this game doesn’t disappoint any Justice League fan.

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The Hobbit

This game introduces you to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Follow the hero Bilbo through Mirkwood Forest to get to Lonely Mountain. On your journey you will acquire items, knowledge, and courage to fight the enemies that you encounter on the way. Come face-to-face with elves, trolls, orcs, spiders, and wolves on your journey to accomplish your mission. Get excited for the story that started it all.

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles: Race to the Rally

Who doesn’t dream about racing Harley-Davidson’s? This simple motorcycle racing game is great if you’ve ever dreamed about writing on a Harley with your hair blowing in the wind. Are you worthy enough to write a Harley-Davidson? Find out when you can customize your bike and raced coast-to-coast in this motorcycle lovers dream game.

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Deep inside a government research facility is where this game takes place. As a junior research assistant you get caught up in an alien invasion that takes you on a huge adventure. While you have is your intelligence to help you get through the facility as the aliens invades you also stumble upon some weapons to help you out. Your weapons range from crowbars to pistols and grenades to rocket launchers. This game has several modes for you to choose from, multiplayer mode to coperative mode. The action rarely stops with Half-Life.

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Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec

The ultimate racing game is back and better than ever! Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec has enhanced graphics, over 150 different types of cars, a rally mode, and prototype automobiles. What is really cool about this game is if you have an Ilink adapter up to six players can race at once. Of course, you need multiple TVs to use this mode but if you have a big game is never been better. The graphics are smooth and attractive. The gameplay is great just like its other two versions. You got to love this one!


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Crash Twinsanity

Crash is back and ready to play! Your old friend is back from his PlayStation days and joins the company on PlayStation2. In this version of a game Crash teams up with his arch nemesis to try to save the world! With this version of the game you can use your enemy as a weapon and you can become one of four characters to play as. This silliness continues with this game and hopefully you can save the world!

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Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2

It’s amazing that with all this great technology that come our way over the years that the classics still amuse us. Capcom put together 20 of their game classics for you to sit back and reminisce about yesteryear. What I really like about this set is the fact that there are plenty of multiplayer games so you can grab your buddy and just sit around and play all the games you used to play.

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ToeJam & Earl

I love this silly game for the Genesis. Help out two music loving aliens named ToeJam & Earl find all the pieces to their spaceship so they can return home in style. With a unique cast of characters like hula girls and nerds this game definitely had its own unique style. With a unique list of tools that you use on your journey likelwings, rocket skates and inner tubes also come a unique list of villains as well like bees, tomato rain and school books. So grab a buddy and sit around to play this ultimately silly game.

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Batman Begins

Based on the movie of the same name Batman Begins follows the fantastic story of the beginning of the Dark Knight. Not only do you follow the storyline of the beginning of Batman you also get to experience and be a part of Bruce Wayne’s transformation into the iconic hero. You get to use all of your strength, skill, and array of gadgets to take on villians such as Carmine Falcone, Scarecrow, and Ra’s Al Ghul.

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Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings require some thought process by the game player. This game put you in command of one of 13 different civilizations back in ancient history. Your goal is to take advantage of one of these empires and spend your time petering out how to dominate the other civilizations. Not only as the leader you must worry about your civilization economic status as well as it battle ready preparedness. This game is a definite plus for the power-hungry dominate type of game player. This sequel does a pretty good job of building on its original concept.

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Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux is based on the MTV television series cartoon short on Liquid Television. This game is based on the movie starring Charlize Theron, which was based on the MTV cartoon. Aeon Flux is based in the future and she is a special agent that needs to infiltrate the enemy’s base of operations. Aeon is equipped with highly specialized acrobatic skills and a huge arsenal of futuristic weapons. All the good makings of a popular videogame. Even though this game kind of reminds me of Tomb Raider the excellent graphics and scenery was fun to look at as you battle your way through.

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WWF SmackDown!

WWF SmackDown! was a great wrestling game. This is when, in my opinion, wrestling games started to include the storylines that the TV shows created for the individual wrestlers. Including all the hot wrestlers on the roster at WWF at the time of the game’s creation this wrestling game did not disappoint I remember creating my own wrestler and thinking “Man, that guy should be on the TV show!”. I guess that so I never put this game down and played it until I got sick of it.

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The World is not Enough

With the success of the newly reincarnated James Bond series came a video game. The World is not Enough movie brought tons of locations to a great video game. What was really nice about 007 was the avast amount of weapons created for him by his trusty companion Q. This gave the game designers an open book on weapons and gadget development for James Bond. This came in many cut scenes and different types of missions for you to accomplish. There is even a gunsight mode for you to try to pick off your enemies one by one.

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WCW Mayhem

While trying to combat the ultimate success of the WWF wrestling game WCW Mayhem does not fall short. They seem to manage WCW’s successful lineup of wrestlers they make a pretty solid video game. At the time of the release of a game WCW wrestling had a great marketing wrestler…Goldberg. The designers of this game knew that they had something great, marketing wise so they built the game around it/him. Overall this game is pretty much a solid wrestling game and worth the investment if your looking to buy.

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Twisted Metal 2

I love the Twisted Metal series. They took automobiles and gave them personality. What a great idea. Each vehicle has its own type of move and you just went around destroying other vehicles like a demonic Crash up Derby. You and a friend to take out your violent aggressions on each other by doing battle with the vehicle of your choice. It was so great, we would spend hours harassing each other and each others vehicles when we weren’t even playing the game. That is a sign of a great game, a game that transcends its system is always a good sign.

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Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

This game by far one of the all-time best skateboarding game ever! You would spend days playing this game if you had it. It had every move for a skateboarding lover. You even have different characters choose from that had different styles of skateboarding. This game is so popular that it spawned many sequels, three I believe. And who can argue that the celebrity endorsement of Tony Hawk himself was enough for anyone to buy this game. This game has it all skateboarding, cool tricks, characters, and missions for you to accomplish.

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Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider was not only a great game it also spawned nine or so game sequels for the PlayStation alone. Not to mention a pair of movies. Laura Croft takes you on an adventure where you climb, swim, backflip, and shoot your way into video game infamy. Your mission is to gain access of the Scion an archaeological treasure of immense power. This game takes you to many locations like ancient Egypt, Rome, and the fabled city of Atlantis.


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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

This game really set itself aside with its first-person shooter and Resident Evil style feel. What was really interesting is that it went to famous military writer Tom Clancy for its endorsement. This simply was the first time that videogame companies ever went to a writer to use his/her name. The villains in this game generally masked and heavily armed and ready for some battles. The combination of great gameplay and great story make this game a must have for any hard-core gamer.

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Tobal 2

Though this is a simple basic fighting game I spent a lot of time waiting for this game. This game has all the basics punches, kicks, and combos. The characters are pretty good as well. They had a different style for each character which is pretty typical of any good fighting game. For its time, the graphics were solid and the gameplay was good. I am pretty sure anyone who owned an original PlayStation owned this one at one time or another.

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf

Finally a good tactical golf game endorsed by one of the greatest golfers of all time…Tiger Woods. EA makes golf a little bit more technical with this game. You mainly see the technics of the game when you are putting. The grass shows slow within the ingenious grid and you can sit back and control your power a lot easier when putting. Overall this is good, solid golf game that any golfer would enjoy while being sequestered in their house.

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The Simpsons Wrestling

This game was such a cool mixture of two different types of games. Not only did you have fun wrestling you’d could have fun wrestling as one of your favorite Simpsons characters. Basically you could wrestle at any of your favorite Simpsons characters and give the beat down to any of your least favorite characters. This game with a good mixture of cartoon and gameplay. Any Simpsons fan will enjoy this silly wrestling game.

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Road Rash

This game was a whole new type of racing game. One of the early PlayStation games you got to race our high-speed motorcycle. One of the coolest things about this game with the fact that you could smack your opponent and have him fall off his bike and has some major road rash. I remember liking this game because they actually incorporated racing and violence. Granted the fighting wasn’t that advanced but it was still fun to race your buddies and make him fall off his bike as you win.

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Ridge Racer

This game was the first racing game I can remember on PlayStation system. I had so much fun playing this game when I first got my PlayStation. For an early game of the system it had some pretty good graphics and great gameplay. It really broke ground for racing games to customize your car and the track you race on. To this day it’s still a great racing game and I highly recommend it if you’re still using the original PlayStation system.

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Resident Evil

Watch out zombies the team from S.T.A.R.S. is out to get you. The drama revolves around a mansion that the team is assigned to investigate. Make your own choice about which agent you want to be. And use your vast array of weapons to destroy the evil zombies that come to attack you. This game was so good that it spawned a movie franchise. I even enjoy when the zombies attack you can succeed by munching on your body parts. For its time, this game was so fun to play.

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Pac-Man World

Pac-Man comes in the new millennium with Pac-Man World. This game is really cool because I had three different modes that catered to all different type of game players. It had quest mode, maze mode, and the classic mode for the user to choose from. The game designers really tried to pack in different types of game modes for different types of game players. They did a pretty good job. There’s nothing special about this game other than the fact that it’s pretty fun. Definitely worth the time. Thanks for bringing the classic back and making it fun.

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MLB 2005

MLB 2005 is nothing new to the evolution of baseball games. There is one thing that sets it aside from any other baseball games though. This game had a really unique technology. They call it their EyeToy technology which allows you to put your face on one of the players. This was really fun and cool because you literally could put yourself in the middle of the game. It was just really really cool to see yourself on the field with someone like Jeeter.

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Metal Gear Solid

Snake is back and ready to rock. His mission… Is to gain control of secret nuclear weapons held by a terrorist faction. Snake must use his vast array of weapons and technology to accomplish his goal. Armed with silenced pistols to ground-to-air missiles make must stay quiet and stay in the shadows to survive. The metal gear series really began to take off with this game release. Pulled from obscurity it instantly became a game classic.

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Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

I like the concept of this game. Take it to a popular fighting games and combine them into one. The popular Street Fighter characters can battle against the ever popular Marvel superheroes. What a great idea to into two popular niches to make one great fighting game. I have to admit I was excited for this game because I was a real fan of the Street Fighter video game series and I was a big comic book fan. Even though I am a bigger fan of the DC comics than I am of Marvel I was still excited for this game. I could use my Street Fighter skills to beat up on the Marvel comic characters I didn’t like. Yes I know, I am a super huge comic book nerd.

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Knockout Kings

Knockout Kings was the first boxing game that had an element of realism to it. Up until this point most boxing games were a little bit more on the fictitious size. What is really good about this game is the fact that you could box with some of the classic boxers. Sonny Liston versus Mohammed Ali is a fight we all would’ve liked to seen if both boxers were in their prime. But statistically the two boxing giants could box in this game. For all the classic boxing fanatics this game is a game you must own.

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KISS Pinball

I really disliked this game, but I had to mention it just because it’s absurdity deserves a mention. Talk about trying to suck in a generation to play video games that wasn’t even around when video games were invented! First off they pick a game like pinball to lure in the 1970s generation and then they make it a little more obvious by getting the celebrity endorsement of KISS!! Does anyone in the videogame generation really care about that band? No. I don’t think so. But the game producers were obviously desperate enough to cater to a market that really could care less about video gaming. Nice try guys!


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Jet Moto 2

This game was a great sequel. I’ll even go far enough to say it was better than the first jet Moto. Though really this is just a different type of racing game but the fact that it is a jet ski game makes it fun. This was a fun racing game if you are in to the water sport. If you are into jet skiing this game does a good job of mimicking the sport. Even though it’s just a glorified racing game I think that its users will still enjoy it.

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Jeremy McGrath Supercross ’98

Finally Excitebike gets a decent upgrade. Jeremy McGrath put his name on a good motocross game. Someone finally put a decent racing engine on a motocross game. You could take the moguls and the dirt tracks and with ease and fun. The celebrity endorsement did this game justice. Jeremy is a name drew people in to play this game which coincidentally happened to be a really good game. By 1998 the celebrity game endorsement usually meant a below standard game. This game you could not count in that group.

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Grand Theft Auto

This game is embarked inspired so many great game sequels but I must say I still enjoy playing the original. GTA had it all gameplay, story line, and violence. This game truly began the birth of maturely rated games. The storyline sucked you in and made you want to play this game to get further along in the story yet it still had decent gameplay that made you want to play it over and over again. What was really good about this game you can make the decision to follow the storyline or just sit down and play the game. Either way GTA sucked you in and make you feel like you had an option on how you wanted to play. What was really great was the seamless transition from children’s videogames to a more mature content videogame.

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Gran Turismo

This game launched in the insanely popular racing series Gran Turismo. Aside from the insanely great graphics for its time this game made a great decision and used real everyday automobiles that racers could choose from. You could choose from a vast number of automobiles to race and customize. What I think made the game so fantastic was that you could customize cars that you’ve actually ridden in. The makers of this game really figured out that gameplayers really enjoyed the realism was a big seller yet you could do things to the cars that you have always wanted to do. My friends and I could spend hours just talking about the cars we love to drive and how we liked to customize them. For its time the variety of choices you had was fantastic. My friends and I could spend an hour just sitting around talking about our favorite cars in the improvements we made on them.

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Here is the birth of another typical franchise PlayStation game. You run around as the lovable geko named GEX. There is really nothing that different to make that sets this game aside from any other character driven game. You spend your time running, jumping, and fighting villains to advance to the next level. Though this game lacks originality it was pretty popular back in the day. This game in my opinion, proved that videogames can be popular as long as they are character driven. Don’t get me wrong, this game was very entertaining but just lacked a little bit of game inattentiveness.

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Galaga: Destination Earth

This game was made for all the children of the 80’s that were experts at this classic game. Really the only difference for this game with a few features and upgraded graphics. You can tell that really writers were starting to become important to videogame design. You played this game for a while just to figure out the storyline of this game. Videogame designers are really starting to understand that story was becoming just as important as gameplay. I was surprised they could have such a storyline for such a simple game.

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Fisherman’s Bait

Who knew that they can make an interesting video game about fishing? Fisherman’s Bait did just that. You could choose which lures you wanted to use and your fish were classified by type and weight. I couldn’t say how many nights I sat there playing poker of my friends bragging about the fish I caught. I talked about it so realistically that if you walked into the conversation midstream you would have no idea I was talking about a video game. My friends and I used to brag about our catches and the weights of our fish as if we are really on a lake catching them. The only way this game falls short was there was nothing left to eat or mount on your wall.

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Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown

With the popularity of first person games on the rise Sony answered with Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown. Not much different than any other first-person shoot them up game Duke Newcombe took advantage of the only way at the time you could really set yourself aside with witty soundbites that came why you are totally annihilating the enemy. The graphics were okay but the gameplay was pretty fun. Duke Nukem launched a pretty popular franchise for console games. Definitely I recommend buying this one.

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