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Toobin’ is one of those classic games that didn’t get all of the attention it really deserved. A clever concept, you were on an inner tube floating down river trying not to pop your tube on various obstacles while racing an opponent to the finish. Collecting the letters to spell Toobin’ for a bonus was a great ongoing challenge. When something got in your way you chucked a soda can at it (which happened to be floating around randomly in the river). The graphics were the classic pixel look (like Donkey Kong, Pitfall, Burger Time, and all of those other games I used to love as a kid) but it was just so much fun to splash to the finish, even in the dead of winter!

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Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 2

It’s amazing that with all this great technology that come our way over the years that the classics still amuse us. Capcom put together 20 of their game classics for you to sit back and reminisce about yesteryear. What I really like about this set is the fact that there are plenty of multiplayer games so you can grab your buddy and just sit around and play all the games you used to play.

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Galaga: Destination Earth

This game was made for all the children of the 80’s that were experts at this classic game. Really the only difference for this game with a few features and upgraded graphics. You can tell that really writers were starting to become important to videogame design. You played this game for a while just to figure out the storyline of this game. Videogame designers are really starting to understand that story was becoming just as important as gameplay. I was surprised they could have such a storyline for such a simple game.

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Golden Axe

This popular medieval style of game kept me entertained for quite a while. Choose from a cast of characters to fight skeletons and dragons. At some parts you even got to hitch a ride on a fictitious medieval animal. Use your strength, weaponry, and skill of magic to vanish your firebreathing enemies and save the world. Rescue your King and Princess is your mission, and once you accomplish that you will bring peace and harmony to the world. The character choices in this game are pretty fun too. Your choices of who you want to be your hero keep this basic game fun and interesting.


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This classic arcade game comes home. Guantlet brings with it all the characters, dungeons, traps, treasures, and excitement you are used to from one of the most successful video arcade games around. Your attention span never gets let down with this classic medieval game. Though the graphics are a little weak the gameplay makes up for it and keeps you busy the whole time through.

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Dig Dug

Who can dispute the greatness of this game? You were a little guy in a spacesuit digging around and your only weapon was a pump? I do need to understand this game to love it! I don’t know why but it was so much fun. All you did with big around and slam on your button really fast to pump up your enemy until he got so fat full of air he exploded! Can anyone else explain to me why this game was so great. I don’t know why, but I love this game!

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Spy Hunter

As the James Bond fanatic that I am there is no doubt that this game wasn’t the best. You got to sit in a massive driving control booth that was all set up just like 007’s very own Aston Martin just like in Goldfinger. Well, that’s what you’re dreaming anyway. You had a button for oil slick, smokescreen, and you always got to drive up into the back of your top secret truck. There even was that nasty little card that had spikes coming out of the wheels that sent your vehicle spinning to a wreck on the side of the road. You just set back, chose your path, and entered the superspy world. The music got your blood pumping and when you finish your game and exited the booth no matter how well you did you were the man. You might as well had on a tuxedo and sipped on a martini.

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