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Batman Begins

Based on the movie of the same name Batman Begins follows the fantastic story of the beginning of the Dark Knight. Not only do you follow the storyline of the beginning of Batman you also get to experience and be a part of Bruce Wayne’s transformation into the iconic hero. You get to use all of your strength, skill, and array of gadgets to take on villians such as Carmine Falcone, Scarecrow, and Ra’s Al Ghul.

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As a huge fan of this, but I cannot resist playing this game. It really wasn’t that great of a game however, it had all the necessary makings of a good game. You could jump, run, and flip your way through all the missions. You could even use the Batarang as a weapon. They read the moments that the Batmobile made an appearance. Not a great game but, as a fan of the movie I couldn’t resist playing this game for hours.

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