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My mother and sister love this game. This game was so simple too. You have a paddle and you hit a ball against a rainbow wall that sends the ball flying back to you. All you have to do is use your paddle and send the ball flying back at the rainbow wall. The goal is to eventually eliminate the rainbow wall. The more times you consecutively hit the ball faster and faster the ball comes back to you. I also used to love breaking the ball through to the top and watching the ball go crazy trying to find an opening to come back down to your paddle.

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For it’s time this game was somewhat complicated. You have to go around as ET and collect pieces of a radio so you can “Phone home”. Plus, you must avoid getting captured by the Fed’s. Your one button allows you raise ET’s head to float up and out of a tough predicament. It has multiple sets like a forest, city streets, and multiple cazam’s that you can fall into.

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Okay this is one of those 2600 games I don’t know why I like. As a kid I guess it was just the name that attracted me to it. I had so much fun using the x-ray vision button. I just like the concept of being able to see what’s going on on another screen while playing on another. I can pretty much tell you right now that if I had an Atari 2600 in front of me I would be”Up up and away” playing it.

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Track and Field

I can never burn the memory out of my head of someone slamming onto two buttons as fast as they possibly can and then pounding hard onto one button, possibly holding it to the exact precise point. Talk about a fun game. This arcade game had no joystick and just buttons. What a revolutionary idea! How many people do you think worked themselves into a sweat to a point of almost fainting in exhaustion? I don’t know the answer that question but I’m sure a lot of people got severely dehydrated playing the game. I was always curious on the average lifespan of a single Track and Field arcade system. Or did they build them to take major abuse? Either way it was a new way and a new spin on playing sports games. To all those Track and Field experts out there I hope your injuries have healed and you are not a victim to carpal tunnel syndrome.

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Dig Dug

Who can dispute the greatness of this game? You were a little guy in a spacesuit digging around and your only weapon was a pump? I do need to understand this game to love it! I don’t know why but it was so much fun. All you did with big around and slam on your button really fast to pump up your enemy until he got so fat full of air he exploded! Can anyone else explain to me why this game was so great. I don’t know why, but I love this game!

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Spy Hunter

As the James Bond fanatic that I am there is no doubt that this game wasn’t the best. You got to sit in a massive driving control booth that was all set up just like 007’s very own Aston Martin just like in Goldfinger. Well, that’s what you’re dreaming anyway. You had a button for oil slick, smokescreen, and you always got to drive up into the back of your top secret truck. There even was that nasty little card that had spikes coming out of the wheels that sent your vehicle spinning to a wreck on the side of the road. You just set back, chose your path, and entered the superspy world. The music got your blood pumping and when you finish your game and exited the booth no matter how well you did you were the man. You might as well had on a tuxedo and sipped on a martini.

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Super-Spike VBall

My introduction to sports games. This was a pretty basic two-man versus two-man volleyball game. It had different locations indoor or outdoor volleyball, but mostly any sand location. The goal was pretty much to be proficient enough to learn how to give your opponent the massive super spike and then scream into your opponent’s face in victory! Not very complicated but perfect for dropping your controller in victory and giving your opponent your version of a victory dance. Does it get any better than that?

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Ghosts and Goblins

This was my first addiction to home-based video arcade games. You were a little Knight running through numerous different types of graveyard environments. You had to dodge or shoot all different types of ghosts, goblins, and graveyard monsters. I got so far in this game that I never thought it would end. Talk about entertainment value it sucked you in such a way that made you play on and on. For me, there were two endings to a long night of playing this game. It was either death or having one of my parents come in and just turn the console off.

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Kung Fu

Talk about a pretty self explanatory game. You just moved forward while your enemy came to you. Sometimes you had to jump, sometimes you had to duck, and sometimes you had to kick. Though this game with simple it was very entertaining to see how many enemies in a row you could kick at the same time. I believe you are just climbing up a Chinese Pagoda to save the girl?


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Karate Champ

This game by far was my favorite $.25 video arcade game. Back in the day, on the surface it looked like a complex game. It had no buttons and two joysticks, this was pretty advanced stuff for the early 80s. Scattered all around the screen where the lists of different karate move you could use to inflict pain on your opponent. I could easily spend five bucks in quarters on this game. I always got ran over by that darn bull though. I always did really well when you had to do the front kick through all of the tiles. I was so skilled that this game one quarter would last me forever! Someday I’m going to find an old version of this standup arcade game and buy it just to say I have it.

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This is what I perceive to be the first flight simulator. You navigate your space shuttle through a world of electric fences and guns. I remember being a young kid playing this game on and on and on. I always got killed at the point where you had to decide whether to go above or below the electric fence. At the end of each level you finally flew off into space. This was a great combination of flight simulator and shoot ’em up. You can’t beat the Zaxxon.

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This game was so simple yet so fun. All you need is with the directional pad and one button and you are off. You got to jump over fires, swinging on vines, and walk on top of alligators. I could spend hours playing this game to this day! What really amazes me is that this game still holds up today compared to other complex video games that are out today. Watch out for that cobra.

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