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Lakers versus Celtics and the NBA Playoffs

This sports game once in must have for all you old-school NBA fans! Has an old-school NBA fan myself, I could not resist dunking on people with my man Charles Barkley. Playing with Michael Jordan was fun too. This was the only good game I remember with the Larry Bird in it. I am sure I am wrong however this is the one I remember. Though I did not like Magic Johnson that much he was a phenomenal player to play in this game. He was next to unstoppable and that used to drive me crazy! I think we can all agree though we don’t have to like something in a videogame to admit it is good.


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Mortal Kombat

Gore and games finally merge with this classic. This fighter style game was insanely popular when it first came out. All at the same time, this game was fun and complex. I really remember the combination fighting style for the first time in this game. The game was quick and smooth. You spend all your time doing battle just to wait to the end and give that final gory death blow and send your opponent home crying to his mother. Each fighter that his or her own individual fighting style and finishing move. Blood was a must in this game. The losing player couldn’t help feeling totally demoralized in his or her defeat!

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Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

I just had to put this game on the list because Michael Jackson as a videogame! Based on his Smooth Criminal video Michael dressed as a gangster goes around fighting crime. If I remember correctly, this game was so ridiculous that even had his pet chimpanzee and it. I never thought videogame developers would ever stoop this low. Could they have been actually this desperate? Or was the videogame market that desperate? I don’t know but this game never should’ve been made! Like I said, I had to put this on my list just because it was so silly!!

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Marble Madness

I was glad to see the classic arcade game still has a place in the new gaming world with Marble Madness. The premise of this game was simple, just safely guide your ball through a perilous maze making sure it’s safely stays on its path without falling over. No need for combos, moves, and a really graphics for this game.Really, you didn’t get it it was still fun in it’s basic form. Good job keeping it real Marble Madness!

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Madden NFL 94

Now it’s time to play some football! The Madden series of games really began its metamorphosis with this game. I can’t even count how many times I sat in front of the TV with my friends playing Madden 94. It had everything, player stats, MVPs, great play selection, and individual player characteristics. For any football fan, this game was a must have. After scoring a touchdown, you couldn’t help but doing your own end zone dance and talking smack to your opponent. After this game, the Madden franchise started to realize that there is more to video gaming than just the game it was all about the end-user at the end of the controller.


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I waited in line a long time to get this game. The day got out I was that the video game store purchasing it. This game kept track of your game stats and who your MVP was for that game. I really felt this game catered to the individual players playing the game. Each player has their own playing and dunking style. Sports games really took a positive turn around this time. I’m positive I missed a lot of important things just playing game. But I guess what I missed wasn’t as important as going to the hoop with my favorite player. :o)

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NHL Hockey

Finally a great hockey game for the home systems. You could play as any year your favorite hockey teams against your least favorite hockey team and beat them to a pulp. What was great about this game is that it included a fighting feature! I know this may be dating myself but at one time fighting was an essential piece of the hockey puzzle that a videogame picked up on. Because of this game, I will always be a Chicago Blackhawks fan and to this day Jeremy Roenick is one of my favorite all-time hockey players.

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Street Fighter II

I was so excited when this game came to the home console system, because I was spending so much money playing in the video arcade. This game really defined the success of the traditional fighter game. Everyone loved it because you could select the fire that you enjoyed more and thought with his unique moves and skills. You could really define yourself by selecting a fighter that you believe that the attributes that you’d like if you had them. Not only was this game entertaining to play, but it was just as entertaining to watch two other people battle to the death.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

I am almost positive that everyone remembers this game. Sonic the Hedgehog to Sega is Mario to Nintendo. Because of the popularity of this game Sega was able to create their first franchise game. As Sonic, you could run, jump, and flip to capture rings that help give you power. I am sure many of the readers of this article have wasted many hours playing game. I will speak for myself and say I have as well. This game was full of action and adventure that rivaled many popular video games. Sonic spawned a number of sequels and characters for it’s users to play again and again. This game deserves a definite thumbs up on gameplay and originality!

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WWF Royal Rumble

As a big wrestling fan this game was so much fun. It had all the classic wrestlers of its time. This game ran on the Royal Rumble premise. At particular time intervals, a new wrestler comes down to the ring and tries to get you out. You could wrestle as Hulk Hogan, the Undertaker, Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Razor Ramon, a whole roster of wrestlers for you to choose from. Wrestling games are always really popular because it allows you to get the beat down to all the wrestlers that drive you crazy on the TV show. Plus, you can trash your buddies and waste the night away.


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Wheel of Fortune

Pat Sajak and Vana team up to re-create this television game show for the Sega Genesis. Just like the television show you spin the wheel, then choose your letters to try to decipher the puzzle on the board. Each spot on the wheel as the dollar value in which correlate to the letter you choose and try to get the biggest bang for your buck. This classic game show is fun by your self or with a group. If you love this game you just can’t go wrong.

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Magneto has devised a computer program with one sole purpose, to destroy the X-Men. The X-Men must go to magneto site out on Asteroid M to stop a diabolical plan. The X-Men must team together and use all of the special powers to try to stop Magneto. All of the X-Men are in this game Wolverine, Gambit, Cyclops Nightcrawler, Storm, Iceman, Archangel, Jean Grey and Rogue. The gameplay is action-packed yet pretty traditional. This is a good game for any diehard Marvel comic book fan.

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Altered Beast

This game is pretty fun. You walked around battling enemies and when you got a power up you could turn into either a bare, a dragon, or a wolf. Based on which animal you turn into you had special powers based on that particular animal. There really wasn’t much to this game other than waiting to get a power up and turn into a beast and again it’s special powers. All in all this game kept your attention and made you want to hit the continue button once your game and ended. I consider that a fun game.

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Afterburner II

Once games went from 8 bit systems to 16 bit systems you realized you needed to own this game. You could fly around shoot down enemy aircraft and the gameplay was fast. I had trouble between playing the game and trying to notice the graphics. This game sequel kept you in your seat and made you feel like you’re really flying the aircraft. In fact I think some people thought they were an actual pilot after playing this game. I guess that’s the art of game design and keep in mind this was the 1990s. I can’t believe how far video games have come since then and Afterburner II in my humble opinion was one of the first great video games.

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Based on the successful movie Robocop was a crowd pleaser. A classic shoot them up game allowed you to use all the features that came with being a cybernetic humanoid. You walk through the streets of Old Detroit while using the massive amount of weapons that Robocop would acquire on his journey. There wasn’t much to this game other than point and shoot but hey, do you really need any more. As a youngster when this game came out I didn’t. Being Robocop was fantasy enough for me.

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RC Pro Am

As someone who used to own and love radio controled cars this game was one I couldn’t wait for. My friend and I used to spend hours battling against one another for supremacy on the racetrack. Based on how many wins you that you could upgrade your car and buy parts for it. We had a ton of fun whipping around corners and beating each other to the finish line. You even had to avoid water bottles and traffic jams in the middle of road. If you got turned around an arrow on the bottom of the screen directed you to travel in the correct direction. What is really weird is that I remember playing this game, but I never remember ending a game putting this game in my top 10 NES games!

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The concept of this game was so simple yet so much fun. By far, this is one of my most favorite games ever. Maybe because when it came out I was a paperboy and the trials and tribulations of being a paperboy were depicted in this game so well. You wrote on your bike throwing papers to the front porch of subscribers. Of course there are hazards in and on the road. It was somebody had to do was deliver your papers right? But the programmers of this game did a good job of knowing that the hazards of an everyday paperboy can be perilous. I used to play this game forever. I never stopped. Isn’t it interesting how the simple concepts always turn out to be the best? Ride a paperboy ride!

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North and South

This was one of the first military combat games I can remember. You could play either as the North or the South in the Civil War. Move your armies around on a map of the US to form battle strategies and hopefully win the war for your side. Though this game had a little bit of a comic feel to it it was my introduction into the Command and Conquer type of game. This game kept you entertained if you are a “Risk” boardgame lover. Not one of the best games ever but I spent a lot of time playing this game.

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NES Open Tournament Golf

This is beginning when I realized Mario and his buddies had become a videogame franchise. They started putting these guys in everything, but this was the first one I remember because I love playing video golf. It was just a bonus that I had all the Mario characters in it. This game actually has some pretty advanced features. Club selection, wind adjustments, and you could even practice a bit too perfect your skills. Though it didn’t have many courses it was still a fun golf game for the beginner of video golf.

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If you loved boardgames this is the game for you. Who doesn’t love the game Monopoly. I love this game so much because I don’t have to fumble around with this stupid paper fake bills and do a lot of math. I was always the race car. This game is pretty simple and didn’t need heavy graphics because really all it did was re-create the board that everyone knows so well. This game kept me busy for as long as the traditional Monopoly game. It’s graphics focus was mainly on the game pieces moving from game square to game square.

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I hate to say it but most of my time playing this game I was using the “Justin Bailey” code. All I really remember a game is that you can do a bunch of spinning flips, jumping, and firing your special weapon at the enemy as you jumped through the air acrobatically. I do remember you having a special space it where you can acquire different weapons and they believe space boots. I also remember attacking a big giant brain. Though I spent more time using a code than actually playing the game as it was intended, this fun game to do in front of the TV for hours. This also was my introduction to the fact that some games included a code that allowed you to do special things

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Metal Gear

As a special member of the elite unit “Fox Hound” all of your skills are called into play. You are trained in every weapon known to man as well as end and combat. You must discreetly rescue some hostages without the alarm being sounded. You must also maintain radio contact with headquarters so you can gain intel on the enemies cachet of weapons. Do your best to end your enemies reign of terror and become a true “American Hero”. Go get them Snake!

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lode runner

An evil empire has stolen a huge amount of gold and the rightful owners hire you to get it back. Your job is to infiltrate the treasury and steal the gold to return it to its owners. You must navigate through multiple levels of platforms, ladders, and a ropes to accomplish your mission. Be careful though, the empire has sent down robotic soldiers to prevent you from accomplishing your mission. This game was one of the early games that included a level editor which allows you to create your own levels and add a whole new level of entertainment for your enjoyment.

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Kid Icarus

As Kid Icarus, your mission is to find the treasures, destroy Medusa and rescue Palutena from the depths of the Palace in the Sky. Find treasures and weapons inside palaces of the evil Medusa to do what ever you can to rescue your favorite princess. Use your trusty bow and arrow to fend off Medusa’s evil henchmen and be a hero. Rescue Paulutena and return her her home”Angel Land”.


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This classic arcade game comes home. Guantlet brings with it all the characters, dungeons, traps, treasures, and excitement you are used to from one of the most successful video arcade games around. Your attention span never gets let down with this classic medieval game. Though the graphics are a little weak the gameplay makes up for it and keeps you busy the whole time through.

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Final Fantasy

A dark cloud covers the earth. You must restore the powers of earth, wind, fire and water to the Four Orbs. Assemble your band of brothers to rescue the Earth. Explore dangerous castles and darken the caverns were deadly perils and great rewards are waiting for you the brave. Be careful because it will take patience, skill, and cunning to defeat the monsters that await you in this game.

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Strap on your helmet and your pads and get ready to go dirt biking. Roll through the dirt on your motorcycle and do tricks to impress your viewers. One of the things I particularly like about this game was to design your own tracks feature. Set your mogul’s, ramps, and jumps to impress the crowd watching you tear it up, be careful though and make sure you don’t overheat your bike because that has drastic consequences. A good mindless game for everyone that loves their NES.

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Donkey Kong 3

Donkey Kong is at it again! Save donkey Kong from the greenhouse by exterminating the bees. You must save the flowers from the bees which sounds a little bit easier than done. Not only do you have to fight off the bees the big gorilla is hurling coconuts that you. What an ungrateful guy! You do all this work to save him and all he can do is throw coconuts that you. Oh well, you still want to save him anyway.

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As a special forces soldier you must take on a Red Falcon in the Amazon jungle. Your enemy has converted ancient Mayan temples into palaces of destruction. Run through the jungle and infiltrate the temples to save our world from complete and total annihilation. Dodge lasers and put yourself into 3-D mazes to entertain yourself with this classic shoot them up game.

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Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers

Based on the popular Disney television Chip and Dale must rescue their trusty sidekick Gadget, who has been kidnapped by the evil villain Fat cat. On your way to finding his headquarters traveled through the sewers, run along live telephone wires, and avoid the attack of killer bees. Hopefully you will be in time to save Gadget and truly earn the name Rescue Rangers!

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If you weren’t playing Castlevania on your NES you really were playing the games that much. This game good solid jumping and shoot ’em up game there was made. It’s Transylvania theme, where the perfect backdrop for this game. Battling all the traditional big-time monster flick villains you travel through the castle jumping and tumbling your way to safety.

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Burger Time

One of America’s favorite video arcade game transcends to the home console system. Avoid all the burger related obstacles from letting you build the ultimate quarter pounder. Not only do you use all your video game related skills it may make you go out and buy one of America’s favorite meals. Burger Time is one of the all-time classic videogames and I recommend everyone play at least once. If you have a chance to play this game be sure to leave yourself some time and have fun.

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As a huge fan of this, but I cannot resist playing this game. It really wasn’t that great of a game however, it had all the necessary makings of a good game. You could jump, run, and flip your way through all the missions. You could even use the Batarang as a weapon. They read the moments that the Batmobile made an appearance. Not a great game but, as a fan of the movie I couldn’t resist playing this game for hours.

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This was the very first baseball game I can ever remember. For a pretty simple game it even had information you could use like pitching speed. This game needs really no explanation on how to play it, if you don’t know how to play baseball I really don’t know if you because this game really kept it to the basics. I tell you, what if someone pulled out an old Nintendo 8-bit system with this game I would still play it… I guess nostalgia has its place, even in the game world.

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Back to the Future

Yet another cheap US movie re-creation game. Believe it or not, I have a pretty vivid memory of this game. I was playing this game when the 1989 San Francisco Bay Area earthquake hit. I had assumed the role of Marty McFly and had just died when the earthquake hit. This game was not really that fun, however, I will always remember it because of that day. All you have to do is navigate Marty and help him get “Back to the Future”. If you remember this movie the levels of the game need no explanation and the villains are the same villains in the movie.

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This game was a direct re-creation of the ever popular Disney movie Aladdin. You got to run, jump, and try to avoid the guards of Agraba. Though it is a pretty simple game, I thought it is a very good job of re-creating the movie. The graphics are pretty solid for an 8-bit system. As far as gameplay goes, it’s pretty self-explanatory. Each level has a mission that was similar to of the hero of the movie Aladdin. It was a good game for just sitting in front of your TV and vegin’ out.

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American Gladiators

If you watched this television show this game should need very little explanation. AG has all the fun of the television show. For those of you who couldn’t get down to Los Angeles to audition for American Gladiators you some mouth fell indicated by the fact that you could become a contestant on your very own home videogame. The only thing you don’t experience the pain inflicted by the gladiators. For some of you may breathe a breath of relief from not getting hammered hard core by the typical contestant’s opponent. I’m interested to see what they could do with this game now actually, but alas, we will never know.

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MT’s Punch Out

Talk about a tiny little boxer versus the massively huge opponents! Mike Tyson’s Punch Out at a very few options on gameplay however, it was always fun to see who the next opponent was going to be and what little trick you need to know to beat that opponent. What was funny about this game was that clearly you were outgunned by a much larger opponent. You just had to figure out what that opponents weakness and was to move onto the next opponent. After all that hard work you finally get to fight Mike Tyson. If MikeTyson hit you at all you are down for the count and had to start over. So you just have to keep playing and keep playing until you figured out how to beat him. Filled with great characters, this game is still popular.

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Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

I remember my friend playing the sequel every time I went over to his house. This game had all jumping, shooting, and puzzles galore. You just knowing that your moneys worth with Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. This was the first game I remember videogame designers taking all they’ve learned to the next level. When playing this game if you really see the birth of a lot of games we still see today. Link makes you want to play well just to see the next step he will make you take in the next phase of game. The puzzles the game gives you while playing combines well with having to have the reflexes to advance Link further in its quest.


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Mega Man

Next to the “Mario series, it is my opinion that the Mega Man series spawned a whole massive franchise for Nintendo.The plot is pretty simple and basic. Just what any great video game needs, simplicity and a bunch of fun game play. I guarantee this game will suck you in jumping around and shooting the enemy until you can’t stand it anymore.


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The Legend of Zelda

This game is obviously the game that created the modern style of video games. Your character “Link” runs around trying to accomplish numerous tasks throughout the fictitious world in which he lives. I remember playing this game a lot however, I do not recall much about the specifics of the game. Isn’t that weird? I know I like the game, I know I played it a lot, and yet I don’t know much about the specifics. If you ever have a chance to play this game though I couldn’t tell you much about it. I do know it is a game that will keep your attention for hours.

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Missile Command

Missile Command has to go down in the book as a classic in the early gaming. Missles are coming down and I’ll you have to do is protect your military installations from being destroyed by them. Shoot down the oncoming missiles and save the buildings below from being destroyed is the whole point to this game. Of course, as you get more proficient at the game more missiles come down and more muscles come down at a faster pace. Not that big graphics game however, it really doesn’t need to be. This game was a challenge to your reflexes that eventually occupied your time for hours!

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I am not quite sure what the appeal to this paddle game was. It was just a good waste your time kind of game. The premise is an inmate dropping bombs trying to escape. You are given three buckets of water to try to catch the bombs before they hit the ground and explode. Once one bomb went off the others fall sequentially in order just to rub in the fact that you failed to catch one of the bombs. The further along in the game that you get the faster the inmate drops the bombs. But unfortunately, eventually you got so good and the speed was so fast you were just moving the buckets bad back and forth as fast as you possibly can to trying to avoid an explosion. Once you got really advanced it became a game of cards and how fast you can move your paddle back and forth.

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Everyone should remember the classic Frogger! You navigate your little frog Across a busy road hoping that you don’t get squished. The further you get along in the game, the faster the traffic moves. You have to use all your skills to try to avoid the speedy traffic that could eventually and your turn. This game was so entertaining that they didn’t even need to concentrate on graphics or any type of effort on the aesthetics of the game. You are so addicted to the speed and tempo of trying to safely navigate across the street that graphics were at least your worries.


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This game was fun yet, a complete different version of the smash hit Chopper Command. You flew your spaceship through space while trying to rescue individual people on the ground. While your enemy’s try to shoot you down you fly through space taking up individual humans and try to safely escort them to safety. You are given a number of people you need to save To advance to the next level. This is a good combination of two different games. It kept me pretty busy when I was younger. A definite thumbs up!

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Chopper Command

An all time classic! Everyone had Chopper Command. What you were required to do was fly your chopper around a battle zone, then you find humans to pick up in your chopper to save. You collect points based on how many humans you can rescue to safety. Of course you are in a battle zone and you must avoid being shot down by the enemy. What was super frustrating is when you had a chopper full of passengers that got shot down so you spent all his time collecting safe passengers just to get shot down. As a young child that is super frustrating. This one was a fun one to play.

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