Batman Begins

Based on the movie of the same name Batman Begins follows the fantastic story of the beginning of the Dark Knight. Not only do you follow the storyline of the beginning of Batman you also get to experience and be a part of Bruce Wayne’s transformation into the iconic hero. You get to use all […]

Aeon Flux

Aeon Flux is based on the MTV television series cartoon short on Liquid Television. This game is based on the movie starring Charlize Theron, which was based on the MTV cartoon. Aeon Flux is based in the future and she is a special agent that needs to infiltrate the enemy’s base of operations. Aeon is […]

WCW Mayhem

While trying to combat the ultimate success of the WWF wrestling game WCW Mayhem does not fall short. They seem to manage WCW’s successful lineup of wrestlers they make a pretty solid video game. At the time of the release of a game WCW wrestling had a great marketing wrestler…Goldberg. The designers of this game […]

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six

This game really set itself aside with its first-person shooter and Resident Evil style feel. What was really interesting is that it went to famous military writer Tom Clancy for its endorsement. This simply was the first time that videogame companies ever went to a writer to use his/her name. The villains in this game generally masked and […]

Tobal 2

Though this is a simple basic fighting game I spent a lot of time waiting for this game. This game has all the basics punches, kicks, and combos. The characters are pretty good as well. They had a different style for each character which is pretty typical of any good fighting game. For its time, […]

South Park

These lovable characters finally come to the videogame world. Take advantage of the lovely background of South Park and choose when your favorite characters to run around the scenic views and the great characters that you have known and come to love. Use snowballs as your weapons of defense as you and the gang try […]

Road Rash

This game was a whole new type of racing game. One of the early PlayStation games you got to race our high-speed motorcycle. One of the coolest things about this game with the fact that you could smack your opponent and have him fall off his bike and has some major road rash. I remember […]

Ridge Racer

This game was the first racing game I can remember on PlayStation system. I had so much fun playing this game when I first got my PlayStation. For an early game of the system it had some pretty good graphics and great gameplay. It really broke ground for racing games to customize your car and […]

Pac-Man World

Pac-Man comes in the new millennium with Pac-Man World. This game is really cool because I had three different modes that catered to all different type of game players. It had quest mode, maze mode, and the classic mode for the user to choose from. The game designers really tried to pack in different types […]

Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter

I like the concept of this game. Take it to a popular fighting games and combine them into one. The popular Street Fighter characters can battle against the ever popular Marvel superheroes. What a great idea to into two popular niches to make one great fighting game. I have to admit I was excited for […]

Jeremy McGrath Supercross ’98

Finally Excitebike gets a decent upgrade. Jeremy McGrath put his name on a good motocross game. Someone finally put a decent racing engine on a motocross game. You could take the moguls and the dirt tracks and with ease and fun. The celebrity endorsement did this game justice. Jeremy is a name drew people in to […]

Gran Turismo

This game launched in the insanely popular racing series Gran Turismo. Aside from the insanely great graphics for its time this game made a great decision and used real everyday automobiles that racers could choose from. You could choose from a vast number of automobiles to race and customize. What I think made the game […]


Here is the birth of another typical franchise PlayStation game. You run around as the lovable geko named GEX. There is really nothing that different to make that sets this game aside from any other character driven game. You spend your time running, jumping, and fighting villains to advance to the next level. Though this […]


I think this is a perfect lazy man’s video game. What more could you ask for than a game that you normally spend more time sitting in front of while actually playing. Yet simple, you could still have all your buddies over for a quick game and still have a great bowling banter. Plus, you can […]

Billiards 2

This game took the game of pool to a whole new level. Just when you thought that there isn’t much that can be done in a videogame to the game of pool this game does it. Great graphics, great angles, and realistic gameplay. For any billiards allow for this game is a must have. You have […]

Air Hockey

I was really interested to see if this game would translate well into the videogame world. My best friend and I used to spend hours on air hockey tables having a massive amount of fun. Believe it or not it translated well, granted it was nothing like playing real air hockey, but they did a […]

Golden Axe

This popular medieval style of game kept me entertained for quite a while. Choose from a cast of characters to fight skeletons and dragons. At some parts you even got to hitch a ride on a fictitious medieval animal. Use your strength, weaponry, and skill of magic to vanish your firebreathing enemies and save the […]


I don’t remember much about this game, but I do remember it became insanely popular. What I do remember is you have to help them not let them walk off cliffs, wander mindlessly into flames and drop like rocks into pools of water. You need to help them dig, build and blast their way to […]