Mega Man

Next to the “Mario series, it is my opinion that the Mega Man series spawned a whole massive franchise for Nintendo.The plot is pretty simple and basic. Just what any great video game needs, simplicity and a bunch of fun game play. I guarantee this game will suck you in jumping around and shooting the […]


I am not quite sure what the appeal to this paddle game was. It was just a good waste your time kind of game. The premise is an inmate dropping bombs trying to escape. You are given three buckets of water to try to catch the bombs before they hit the ground and explode. Once […]


Everyone should remember the classic Frogger! You navigate your little frog Across a busy road hoping that you don’t get squished. The further you get along in the game, the faster the traffic moves. You have to use all your skills to try to avoid the speedy traffic that could eventually and your turn. This game […]


This game was fun yet, a complete different version of the smash hit Chopper Command. You flew your spaceship through space while trying to rescue individual people on the ground. While your enemy’s try to shoot you down you fly through space taking up individual humans and try to safely escort them to safety. You […]


My mother and sister love this game. This game was so simple too. You have a paddle and you hit a ball against a rainbow wall that sends the ball flying back to you. All you have to do is use your paddle and send the ball flying back at the rainbow wall. The goal […]


For it’s time this game was somewhat complicated. You have to go around as ET and collect pieces of a radio so you can “Phone home”. Plus, you must avoid getting captured by the Fed’s. Your one button allows you raise ET’s head to float up and out of a tough predicament. It has multiple […]


Okay this is one of those 2600 games I don’t know why I like. As a kid I guess it was just the name that attracted me to it. I had so much fun using the x-ray vision button. I just like the concept of being able to see what’s going on on another screen while playing […]

Kung Fu

Talk about a pretty self explanatory game. You just moved forward while your enemy came to you. Sometimes you had to jump, sometimes you had to duck, and sometimes you had to kick. Though this game with simple it was very entertaining to see how many enemies in a row you could kick at the […]


This is what I perceive to be the first flight simulator. You navigate your space shuttle through a world of electric fences and guns. I remember being a young kid playing this game on and on and on. I always got killed at the point where you had to decide whether to go above or […]


This game was so simple yet so fun. All you need is with the directional pad and one button and you are off. You got to jump over fires, swinging on vines, and walk on top of alligators. I could spend hours playing this game to this day! What really amazes me is that this […]